Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a procedure  which consists of extraction of a tooth’s  nerve and vein from root to the surface of tooth and after  filling the gap where used to be nerves and veins with biocompitable material and preventing any leak. Root canal treatment is mostly applied to advanced tooth decays where the decay has spread deep into the root and nerves. Root canal treatment also can be required prior to Dental crown treatment.

Chronical tooth abscess can be formed without knowledge of the patient therefore it does not always mean there has to be tootache or pain prior to Root canal treatment. A Patient needs to go to regular checkups and needs to be examined radiological every 6 months to take precautions and prevent furhter problems.

Treatment Time 6-9 Days

Lifetime Warranty

Treatment Time 6-10 Days

Lifetime Warranty


Latest Technology in Dentistry

Our dental centers home to latest technology available in the World and equipped with experienced technicians who aim to provide the best results only, Some of the technology in our dental centers are CAD/CAM milling machines, 3D Tomograph.

X-Ray Scan

X-rays, also known as radiographs, are an essential part of any dental care treatment plan. They are diagnostic, but they can also be preventive by helping a dentist diagnose potential oral care issues in a patient’s mouth before they become a major problem.

Cad/Cam Smile Design

The CAD-CAM is a computer-aided technology and digital 3D camera (a computer-generated design). It is a new technique that has transformed part of the work done by the doctor and the dental laboratory into work done by the computer and the devices managed by it.

Dental Laser

Dental professionals use either hard tissue or soft tissue lasers, depending on the treatment. Some will use both types if the treatment allows.

Intraoral Scanner

Experience convenience. Our intraoral scanner is an absolute lightweight which reduces the required effort when scanning for extended periods.

The biggest problem patients face after the root canal treatment is the discoloration of the tooth therefore the restoration plan of the tooth must be planned well and it has to be sure that there is no decay left in tooth.

Teeth who received root canal treatmet are more fragile than other teeth due to loss of liquids,if the loss of tooth tissue is visible, it can be fixed by inlays or onlays prepared in a laboratory,If Root canal treatment is not applied well and there is micro-leak in teeth bacteries can spread into root and tooth tissue and the tooth might need another root canal treatment.

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

If the tooth decay is not treated at early stage it will spread to the root and will cause inflammation, at the advanced level of decay which is already spread and caused inflammation Root canal treatment must be performed.Root canal treatment is also needed in cases of Dental Trauma.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

Root canal treatment does not cause any pain or discomfort due to usage of anesthetics,mild pain reilevers can be used for a short time after the treatment to prevent sensivity.


Frequently Asked Questions | Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment mostly can be finished in one session however depending on the tooth’s condition it can go up to 2-3 sessions.

If decayed tooth is not treated by root canal treatment it can kill the nerves in time, this way the pain can go away however it does not man the infection is stopped,infection can spread to jawbone and can result in not only the extraction of the decayed tooth but also the teeth around it.

Root canal treatment does not kill the tooth contrary to popular belief , the nerves and veins inside tooth is extracted but the veins and nerves from tooth to the jawbone and to brain functions  normally.

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